Mixed cold appetizers roasted kapia pepper cream, greaves cream, eggplant dip, Mangalitza pork sausage, Mangalitza pork salami 4 950 Ft
Assorted Evidens starters grey beefsteak tartar, foie gras tartar 6 950 Ft
Pancakes Hortobágy style chicken meat, paprika sauce 3 950 Ft
Hungarian letcho home-made sausage, baked in a clay pot 3 950 Ft
Handmade buffalo mozzarella basil pesto, cherry tomatoes 3 950 Ft
Caesar salad with chiken breast shrimps (+ 3,5 €) 2 950 Ft


Goulash soup grey cattle, pinched noodles 1 950 Ft
Cream of porcini mushroom soup potato donut with goose cracklings 1 950 Ft
Fisherman's soup 2 550 Ft
Cream of roasted kapia pepper soup Hungarian frybread langosh with cheese and sour cream 1 750 Ft
Duck soup noodles 1 850 Ft

Prepared at your table

Prepared at your table
Tenderloin fillet ragout with mustard, green asparagus, porcini mushrooms mixed with spaghetti 8 990 Ft
Tenderloin fillet ragout with goose liver, chanterelles, mustard, cream country style small dumplings 8 990 Ft

Hungarian main courses

Hungarian main courses
Classic stuffed cabbage sour cream, a crown of bacon 4 950 Ft
Pork tenderloin Hungarian style Letcho mixed with roast potatoes 5 950 Ft
Chicken stew in paprika sauce egg dumplings 4 950 Ft
Roasted goose liver porcini mushroom sauce, goose cracklings potato doughnuts 9 900 Ft
Lamb shank Bonne Femme pearl onions, ham, green peas, mushrooms 6 950 Ft
Venison goulash stew yogurt, dill, bacon, Roquefort, red onions, small dumplings 6 950 Ft
Evidens duck platter crispy duck leg, rosé duck breast, roasted duck liver, mashed potetoes with onion, braised cabbage 8 700 Ft
Classic beef tenderloin Budapest style goose liver, green peas, letcho, bacon, crispy roast potatoes 8 950 Ft
Pike-perch fillet Óvari style duck liver, mushrooms, ham, smoked cheese, vegetables risotto 6 950 Ft


Mixed Evidens platter for 2 persons (stuffed cabbage, chicken stew in paprika sauce, Hungarian-style pork fillet, beef tenderloin Budapest style), home-made potatoes, dumplings Evidens style 2018, assorted pickles from Tarpa 14 950 Ft

Evidens Specialities

Evidens Specialities
Roasted pullet breast green asparagus, ruccola, handmade buffalo mozzarella, home-made pesto, roasted vegetables 4 950 Ft
Beef tenderloin Mr. Magyar’s style mushrooms, goose liver, bacon, crispy cheese, potatoes 9 900 Ft
Venison tenderloin fillet "Kedvessy" style goose cracklings potato donut 9 900 Ft
Beef tenderloin fillet Wellington green asparagus, espagnole sauce 9 950 Ft
Porterhouse steak (600 g) green asparagus with bacon, pepper sauce 11 900 Ft
Wiener Schnitzel (25 cm) home-made French fries, rice 5 950 Ft
Roasted Mangalica pork tenderloin wrapped in cheese with Stroganoff ragout mashed potatoes, goat cheese 6 950 Ft
Salmon fillet Kárpáti style mashed potatoes, spinach, goat cheese 6 950 Ft
Roasted sea bass potato donut, herb sauce 6 950 Ft

Vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals
Paprika-seasoned mushroom stew egg dumplings 2 950 Ft
Hungarian Letcho baked in a clay pot 3 950 Ft
Camembert baked in pastry with blueberries 3 950 Ft
Handmade buffalo mozzarella green asparagus, fried mushrooms, Parmesan 3 950 Ft


Cabbage salad 1 000 Ft
Cucumber salad with sour cream 1 000 Ft
Beetroot from Tarpa 1 000 Ft
Assorted pickles from Tarpa 1 000 Ft
Mixed salad with vinaigrette for 2 persons 1 950 Ft


Sponge cake Somló style 1 850 Ft
Cottage Cheese Pancakes home-made vanilla sauce 1 850 Ft
Chestnuts Purée whipped cream, sour cherry 1 850 Ft
Cup cream of Hungarian curd cheese cake „Rákóczi style” home-made peach jam 1 850 Ft
Evidens’ cup cream of poppy seed bread pudding 1 850 Ft