Weekly offer

Weekly offer
Cold marzipan cream soup with cottage cheese dumplings enhanced with almonds 1 550 Ft
Hungarian hunter-style beef cheek meat confit served with wild garlic enhanced napkin dumplings 4 950 Ft
Pullet breast filled with dried tomato and feta cheese with spinach muffin 4 350 Ft
Roasted pike-perch fillet with wild mushroom tagliatelle and chives and grapefruit enhanced butter 4 950 Ft
Duck breast filled with thyme, rosemary and dried apricot garnished with cabbage and noodles 4 950 Ft
Venison stew Hungarian-style with juniper served with dumplings mixed with yoghurt, wild garlic and bacon 6 950 Ft
Cottage cheese fritter with plum jam and cinnamon 1 550 Ft


Cold mixed platter Evidens' special goulash butter, Mangalitza sausage, Mangalitza salami, Pig brawn, Pork belly bacon with paprika, Goose liver terrine, fresh vegetables 5 950 Ft
Beef tartare from grey cattle fresh vegetables 5 950 Ft
Pancakes Hortobágy style chicken meat, paprika sauce 3 950 Ft
Hungarian letcho home-made sausage, baked in a clay pot 3 950 Ft
Handmade buffalo mozzarella basil pesto, cherry tomatoes 3 950 Ft
Caesar salad with chiken breast shrimps (+ 3,5 €) 3 950 Ft


Goulash soup grey cattle, pinched noodles 1 950 Ft
Hungarian Meat soup grey cattle, vermicelli 1 850 Ft
Cream of asparagus soup goat feta cheese, pistachio pesto 1 850 Ft
Fisherman's soup 2 550 Ft

Prepared at your table

Prepared at your table
Grey cattle tenderloin goulash stew yogurt, dill, bacon, Roquefort, red onions, small dumplings 8 950 Ft
Chicken stew in paprika sauce egg dumplings 5 950 Ft

Hungarian main courses

Hungarian main courses
Classic stuffed cabbage sour cream, a crown of bacon 5 950 Ft
Pork tenderloin Hungarian style Letcho mixed with roast potatoes 5 950 Ft
Hungarian roasted goose liver fresh letcho, crispy potatoes 9 900 Ft
Lamb shank Bonne Femme pearl onions, ham, green peas, mushrooms 7 950 Ft
Venison goulash stew yogurt, dill, bacon, Roquefort, red onions, small dumplings 6 950 Ft
Evidens duck platter crispy duck leg, rosé duck breast, roasted duck liver, mashed potetoes with onion, braised cabbage 8 700 Ft
Classic beef tenderloin Budapest style goose liver, green peas, letcho, bacon, crispy roast potatoes 9 900 Ft


Mixed Evidens platter for 2 persons (stuffed cabbage, venison stew Hungarian style, Hungarian-style pork fillet, beef tenderloin Budapest style), home-made potatoes, dumplings Evidens style 2018, assorted pickles from Tarpa 15 950 Ft

Evidens Specialities

Evidens Specialities
Roasted pullet breast green asparagus, ruccola, handmade buffalo mozzarella, home-made pesto, roasted vegetables 5 950 Ft
Beef tenderloin Mr. Magyar’s style mushrooms, goose liver, bacon, crispy cheese, potatoes 10 900 Ft
Venison tenderloin fillet "Kedvessy" style yogurt, dill, bacon, Roquefort, red onions, small dumplings 12 900 Ft
Beef tenderloin fillet Wellington green asparagus, espagnole sauce 9 950 Ft
Breaded Mangalitza ribs roasted parsley potatoes and leavened pickles 6 950 Ft
Porterhouse steak (600 g) green asparagus with bacon, pepper sauce, home made french fries 11 900 Ft
Roast Gipsy Style confit Mangalitza spare rib, roasted parsley potatoes 6 950 Ft
Mangalitza Ribs baked in home made barbeque sauce smoked mashed potatoes, home made coleslaw 6 950 Ft
Salmon fillet Kárpáti style mashed potatoes, spinach, goat cheese 6 950 Ft
Breaded pike-perch "Udvarmester" style goulash butter, roasted parsley potatoes 5 950 Ft

Vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals
Paprika-seasoned mushroom stew egg dumplings 3 950 Ft
Hungarian Letcho baked in a clay pot 3 950 Ft
Green asparagus baked in a clay pot buffalo mozzarella, mushroom 4 950 Ft
Al dante spagetti roasted vegetables, parmesan 3 950 Ft


Cabbage salad 1 200 Ft
Cucumber salad with sour cream 1 300 Ft
Tomato salad 1 200 Ft
Crunchy lettuce roquefort dressing 1 200 Ft
Mixed salad with vinaigrette for 2 persons 2 950 Ft
Leavened pickles 1 200 Ft


Sponge cake Somló style 1 850 Ft
Orange cheesecake fresh passion-fruit 1 850 Ft
Ice cream sundae whipped cream 1 850 Ft
Cup cream of Dobos Cake Evidens style 1 850 Ft
Strawberry tiramisu Mango and coffee (Jamaican Blue Montain) sauce 1 850 Ft