Cooking at your table

The Speciality of Evidens Bistro

Our visitors may have an extraordinary experience at Evidens Bistro. There are dishes continuously featured on the menu that are prepared at the table on our flambe carts. Traditional Hungarian catering was characterised by respect towards the guests, courtesy, and spicy dishes in big portions. We can guarantee that those guests of ours who seize this opportunity will experience all of the above.

Be part of the experience!

Visit us with your family and friends, and try our dishes prepared at the table! Usually there are one or more dishes prepared at the table among our seasonal offers as well, this way we provide opportunities for new experiences.

Cook with us!

Thanks to cooking at the table, you can be part of preparing the food, and learn secret methods you can apply even at home, in your own kitchen.

Big portions...

The dish portions are substantial here as well, true to Hungarian hospitality. Nobody will leave our premises hungry with an empty stomach, but satisfied and full with the exquisite harmony of flavours.

...Hungarian dishes

Our best dishes prepared at your table:

Grey cattle tenderloin goulash stew yogurt, dill, bacon, Roquefort, red onions, small dumplings 8 950 Ft
Chicken stew in paprika sauce egg dumplings 5 950 Ft

TripAdvisor awarded our restaurant with an Excellence Certificate in 2015 and 2016. We are certain that cooking at the table plays a significant part in it. Our foreign guests gladly observe the preparation of their food and often tell us they have never seen anything like this before. Thus they understand why Hungarian gastronomy is so special and great.

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