Evidens Chrismas menu offer

2017. December 18-29.

Cold home smoked Mangalitza fillet, home-made venison sausage and salami with classic russian Olivie meat salad 3 950 Ft
Roasted goose liver serven on a deep fried milk bread enhanced with saffron served with home-made quince reduction, currant and cooked walnut cream 5 950 Ft
Evidens’ Christmas special breaded and fried stuffed cabbage with crispy Mangalitza bacon and smoked sour cream enhanced with paprika 2 950 Ft
Home smoked pike-perch fillet with mixed salad with tangerine and basil pesto enriched with chestnut 2 950 Ft
Traditional Hungarian Fisherman's soup with pike-perch fillet and innards 2 400 Ft
Chestnuts and saffron piglet ragout soup with tiny hungarian flatbread enhanced with tarragon topped with sour cream and cheese 1 850 Ft
Grey cattle tenderloin Wellington with 21 hour Demi Glace sauce 8 950 Ft
Pink-roasted duck breast with hot gingerbread and cinnamon sauce served with pumpkin puree and crispy sweet potatoes 5 950 Ft
Traditional stuffed cabbage Kolozsvár-style with home-made sour cream 3 950 Ft
Table side prepared roasted goose liver with Tokaji Aszú and muscat grapes ragout served mashed potatoes 7 950 Ft
Crispy piglet cutlet accompanied by braised red cabbage and onion mashed potatoes 4 950 Ft
Breaded pike-perch fillet filled with goose liver served with classic mayonnaise potato salad 6 950 Ft
Evidens cup cream of wallnut rollcake served with walnut cream cooked with vanilla 1 800 Ft
Original poppy seed bread pudding from Grandma’s kitchen with vanilla chaudeau and freshly grated orange 1 800 Ft