Evidens Chrismas menu offer

2016. December 22-30.

Evidens style walnut roll with goose liver and Cumberland sauce 3950 Ft
Cold-served pork roast with beetroot enhanced with horse-radish served with mayonnaise potato salad 3 950 Ft
Christmas Fisherman's soup with pike-perch and innards of it 2 400 Ft
Evidens stuffed cabbage cream soup smoked bacon, hungarian flavoured cabbage Transylvanian style, pork knuckle of Mangalitza cooked jelly, fried meatballs, pig cartilage served with sour cream 1 850 Ft
Brined turkey breast fillet filled with chestnut and goose liver, gingerbread sauce and home made mashed potatoes 5 950 Ft
Crispy bone-in Mangalitza pork cutlet with gipsy style onion-mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage with prune 4 950 Ft
Traditional stuffed cabbage Kolozsvár style with sour cream 3 950 Ft
Breaded and fried sterlet with traditional tartar sauce and home made fried potatoes 5 950 Ft
Poppy seed bread pudding with freshly grated orange peel and vanilla sauce 1 600 Ft
Home made „Gerbeaud” cup cream 1 600 Ft